Legal Advice for Personal Injury Claim


Refusing immediate medical attention opens up the possibility that another party will question whether your injuries were very serious in the accident in question. For some people, the injuries after car accident are not immediately apparent and it is not until several hours or even days later that you realize you are more injured than you thought. When your attorney makes a claim, tell him or her exactly what you are going to do. Tell him or her everything and he or she will determine what is relevant.

Document Everything

writingAn attorney relies on evidence, and in a personal injury case, that means instructions. There are many practices for documenting an accident. Take pictures. Talk to witnesses and be sure to get their titles and phone numbers so your attorney can contact them later. If you are injured in an accident, you need to go to the hospital immediately for medical care, and you need to get it while you are at the scene. Delaying medical attention hurts your health and your case.

Avoid Talking

You would probably know that it is not in your best interest to talk to the police or prosecutors without an attorney present. But many people do not realize that it is critical to limit the people you talk to when you are involved in a civil case. The same as in a criminal case, but the things you say can be used against you in case you say them to the wrong men and women. Don’t talk to the other party in the area of the accident. Also, avoid talking to the other party’s attorney, the other party’s attorney’s investigators, or insurance company representatives or agents unless the attorney is present.

Refuse Any Cash

A representative from the insurance company will contact you or come to your home and offer you a check in exchange for a minimal amount of money. If you are injured and medical bills are piling up, even a small amount of money can seem very tempting. It is best to give the insurance company representative your attorney’s contact information and ask them to process the offer. That way, you can talk to your attorney about whether the amount offered is reasonable, or whether you should continue to seek a larger settlement or judgment.

Listen to Your Lawyer

Personal injury law is quite complex and the principles are incredibly specific. You have hired a lawyer because he knows the principles and you do not. You will only have a strong case if you listen to his advice. This means that you should be prepared to listen to any insurance testimony or medical exam that your lawyer tells you. At the very least, talk to your attorney before you forget or reschedule an appointment. If your knee is still the part of your body that is injured now, as well as the same specific knee was injured ten years ago, this is something your attorney needs to know, and he or she will not find out on their own.…

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