Top Image Editing Software Everyone Should Know


With numerous photo editing software available nowadays, you can eliminate visible blemishes, add attractive features to your pictures, perform tone corrections, adjust lighting, etc. Professional-looking interior and design graphics will allow you to stand out from the competition, find more clients and gain additional benefits. Fortunately, today’s market is full of products that can help you improve your photos without the need for expensive photography equipment. You can visit or take a look at the list of most popular apps you can use below.

Aurora HDR

photoOne of the main advantages of Aurora is its simple user interface. With the latest version of this software, the developers have taken several vital steps to improve its speed and responsiveness. Features like the live preview window make it easier to get out of the habit of duplicating photos. Many photographers think that Aurora is the best HDR software for real estate photography worth paying attention to.

Adobe CC (Lightroom + Photoshop)

When examined separately, both programs are quite comprehensive and have significant value in today’s industry. But if you use them, you can up your photo editing game considerably. Adobe Lightroom not only allows beneficial image correction and editing features but also permits you to arrange and catalog your photos. If you’re constantly editing countless images, it makes sense to consider the software along with the ability to filter and keyword your photos with metadata.


photoPicMonkey is a great alternative for those looking for an easy-to-use home photo app. The wide and comprehensive functionality of the app makes it fitting for newcomers and experienced experts. Its special features, such as the drag-and-drop menu and filters, make editing images much easier. With the unusual retouching appliances, you can improve a particular component of your picture or its entirety.


Aside from images, you need to optimize other necessary things for your website, such as logos, textures, etc. Of course, you could turn to a professional website design service, but Canva will help you achieve outstanding results without any hassle. Canva caters to casual customers and offers an instinctive drag-and-drop interface, as well as the ability to use over a million photos, images, and fonts.


Another notable software for real estate images is Pixlr, which includes easy-to-use filters and tools. This is a great program for people who want to get an image editing tool. With Pixlr, you can easily enhance your photos by correcting colors, replacing designs, cropping, and applying effects. If you are a beginner in image editing, you can take full advantage of the various automatic image edits, filters, and artistic overlays included in Pixlr Express.


photoPicturespeed is designed specifically for your business needs. If you want to enhance your photos for industrial purposes, don’t be afraid to use this home photo editing app. Along with True Tone technology, you will be able to get rid of overexposed elements or reduce image artifacts. Picturespeed allows you to batch edit photos, so you can edit as many photos as you want at once. The program’s AI calculations perform automatic image processing and provide natural-looking results that help you save time. You can also benefit from Aerial Photo Enhancement.

With this medium, you can exclude fog and adjust contrast without compromising image quality. It is an easy-to-use application that allows you to control the entire image enhancement process with the help of sliders. These features also make it one of the best software for real estate companies.

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